Frequently Asked Questions


It depends on the workload of the court reporter, and the process it takes from the court reporter to the Registrar and finally to the registry. Processing and dispatch of the court orders ordinarily take up to five (5) days
Clients cannot be refunded their stamp duty because it would have paid for the service provided. Stamp duty once paid is not refundable
The automated system of managing court records is in place and hence one cannot fail to get assistance because the manual file is missing
It takes three days to register summons
The principle is that the file follows where judges are located. The system that is used randomly selects a judge from the pool and allocates automatically. If a case is registered and the system selects the name of a judge who is based at Lobatse the file is then sent to Lobatse
When you have a complaint against the conduct of the judge, you can write to the Registrar of the High Court, Private Bag 00220, Gaborone
The Guardian fund is a trust fund in which money intended for the benefit of minor children (under 21 years), people who are not capable of controlling their own affairs and people whose whereabouts are unknown is paid. The fund is controlled by the Master of the High Court and administered by the Accountant General.
A bill of costs is a statement of expenses or costs incurred during the course of the case prepared by a party in whose favor costs have been awarded.
Taxation is a judicial process by a Taxing Master whereby the quantum of the successful litigant’s costs is determined. Taxation fixes the costs in a certain amount so that execution can be levied on the judgment and it also ensures that the party who is ordered to pay the costs does not pay an excessive amount and that the successful party does not receive an insufficient amount.
A witness can be called by the Attorney General, the Director of Public Prosecutions or by an accused person in a criminal case or by a party to a case in a civil case. The Court may also call a witness where it requires clarification of certain issues in a case.


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