Frequently Asked Questions


Magistrate courts hear both criminal and civil cases but do not have the powers to hear cases like murder, manslaughter, treason e.t.c .In civil cases they do not hear cases with a value of over fourty thousands Pula (P40 000)
You have the right to appeal to the higher court, ie if you are not happy with the judgment of the Magistrate Court you can appeal to the High Court and if you are not happy with High Court judgment you can appeal to the Court of Appeal which is the final court in the land.
Yes, the courts are open to the public, you are welcome to respectively observe and listen to the proceedings
You should visit our website at under court rolls or visit the concerned court and inquire with the clerk of court
One can go to court without a lawyer, but it is strongly recommended that you obtain legal advice and assistance from a lawyer
Anyone with legal standing in law can take a case to court. If you are poor and have a case that you want to take to court, the state can help engage a lawyer after you have satisfied certain conditions
It takes seven days to get a default judgment
Registrars apply the rules in considering default Judgements
Dates are set in liaison with the parties and the Taxing Master’s diary
It depends on the complexity of the case and the workload that is before the judge


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