Administration of Guardian's fund

Administration of Guardian's Fund

Service description

The receipt and disbursement of all moneys of minor children (under 21); people who are not capable of controlling their own affairs and people whose whereabouts are unknown.

How do I obtain the service?

Once you receive a notice that payment of the funds has been made to the Master approach the office of the Master for assistance. The fund for minor beneficiaries can be claimed for the welfare of the beneficiary including school fees, general maintenance and for providing shelter. The Masters office deals with the Guardian in the case of a minor beneficiary or the owner of the money who must identify himself to the satisfaction of the Master.

How do I apply for the service?

Application to claim money from the guardian fund is made by the Guardian through a letter or verbally. The application must state what the money is required for and if it is for school fees there must be attachments of invoices from the school or where it is for construction of a house plans and quotations must be furnished. If the beneficiary has attained the age of majority he must attach a certified copy of his identity document (omang) to the application letter. If the person whose whereabouts were unknown resurfaces, he must prove his identify to the master to his satisfaction.

Costs involved for the service


Where can I get more information?

The Master’s Office

Private Bag BR 293
Tel: +267 3956339

The Master’s Office

High Court Fancistown
Private Bag F13
Tel: +267 2412125
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