Deceased Person's Estate

Deceased Person's Estate

Service description

Responsible for administration of deceased estates, management of the guardian fund, liquidation of companies and insolvencies. This office is also responsible for resealing of letters of administration to give executors authority to operate within the country. Estates of deceased persons should be reported to the Master’s Office for the orderly devolution of the estate according to the will or as determined in the next of kin meeting.

How do I obtain the service?

Report death to the Masters Office in Gaborone or Francistown within fourteen (14) days after it has occurred. The Masters Office will communicate the next steps to you.

How do I report an Estate?

An estate is reported at the Master’s Office by lodging the death certificate, death notice and the provisional inventory of property in the estate. If a will exists, it must also be lodged together with the other documents.

Costs involved for the service

Currently a nominal fee of P22 is charged for accessing this service which is paid in the form of the Master’s fee. There are other charges involved in advertising for debtors and creditors and in issuing notices in a national paper and the Government Gazette for the liquidation and distribution account, which must be carried by the estate. If paid by the Master’s Office they will be deducted from the estate account.

Where can I get more information?

The Master’s Office

Private Bag BR 293
Tel: +267 3956339

The Master’s Office

High Court Fancistown
Private Bag F13
Tel: +267 2412125
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